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During my stay in Vanuatu, I wanted to go back to the Eurasian continent  (Thailand or Malaysia) sailing on a boat. I learned to sail when I was younger and wanted to practice again. I posted many ads on beaches and next to the anchorage point of Luganville. Beside of that, I posted my request for a crew position on facebook groups (Sailboat Crewfinder Worldwide and Sailboat Hitchhikers and Crew Connection), and I waited long and talked with many people but It was never working out. Finally, I received a phone call from Marcelo, "Eyh man it's Marcelo. We are not going to Thailand but if you want to come sailing a few days with us you are welcome." The morning after I met Marcelo on his boat with his crew/friends, they are going to Taïwan. Excellent surprise to meet a group of young people living an easy-going life. Sadly, four days later, I took my decision. I will not join them in Taïwan. Mistake or not? I will never know. Then, no more call. I was afraid of having to cancel everything and take a plane. I started to make plans on what to do. Going on the main island of Vanuatu and leaving my friends in the hope to find more boat? No. I finally decided to go living in Port Olry for another month and hoping for luck. The exact same day, the luck showed up, a new ad has been posted by Joachim, a sailor of eighty-one years old. He crossed five times the Atlantic, two times the Pacific, two times the Indian Ocean, Antarctic, arctic. Wow. With this guy, I will find what I'm seeking: relearn sailing. After a phone call, we felt we could get along easily on the boat and we met a month later everything was fine. We are leaving today. 

Looking for a boat
Currently somewhere on the red line.
More pictures to come.