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I have always dreamed of traveling the world to meet people and adventures. In 2017, I was tired of waiting. And, despite I appreciate the kingdom and its inhabitants, enough of the 30,528 square kilometers of Belgium! It was time for me to go and see how "others" are doing in the daily routine. And by the way, it avoids the anxiety of mine.


I like watching people living, I like pictures. When traveling it's always good to take some pictures to show the family and friends. But why not make it the very motivation of the journey? Taking pictures of people, the world and then offer them to see by whoever wishes. Sai pe is a website where I post images of moments I see or live, places I visit and people I meet. To you who are in front of your computer or on your phone. I present to you an open window on the world, my little window, my photo documentary about ordinary lives around the globe.

If you wonder what Sai pe means, the answer is related to my first shots taken in Tasmania on the Burlington Berries farm. I've worked six months in strawberries and raspberries with 120 Tongans.

And, every morning, they were greeting each other with these words:

Fefe hake? Sai pe malo! 

which means: How are you ? Fine thanks!

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