All images and Original text © 2018-2019 Léopold Deru

When I decided to stop my cinema study in Belgium and left the country I didn't have any money and no idea what to do. I just wanted to leave so, I went to Australia. when I arrived I found a job in anything I could, meaning, farm job. And I arrived in Cressy, Tasmania, a very tiny town in the north of the island. We were sleeping with a friend in the same boot car for two months. We were planning to stay a maximum of two weeks on the berry farm that hired us. But in my great luck, I could access a harvest supervisor position, which was meaning better money and easier job. And then started my beautiful human experience, I discover Tonga, Nepal, Bhutan, China, South Korea, Japan without ever having been there before. The job is not very fun but the people are worth it. Through all these human contacts I understand the extreme mistake of clichés. The clichés I had before leaving. I discovered how deep human can be, how different we are and at the same time so close. My naive "need" of adventure and also the real "cliché" like some Instagram accounts were all fantasy and lies. I was meeting some true people here on this farm. I met some humans that were far from my reality and my two weeks have been quickly transformed in six months. I found what I wanted to do. A passion I had for long photography. With the money I earned I bought a camera to shoot those crazy 120 Tongans I was working/living with. Here are some pictures of life at their camp, some in the field, church, sport & moment of fun.

The day at the farm